About Our Company

PT Babyhai Sahabat Anda is a company engaged in the production of baby supplies to the needs of pregnant women, Babyhai was founded in 2008, and until now babyhai has changed its name 2 times. Currently Babyhai has 2 brands on the market, namely the “Babyhai” brand and the “Bebibo” brand.

Our Story

Babyhai started with a sense of desire to meet the needs of babies and pregnant women, Babyhai on government regulations …. and dated ….. has changed from being a UMKM to a Company Babyhai’s business has continued to grow from its beginnings production of baby clothes into the production of all kinds bedding baby.

Operation Plan

Along with the times, manufacturing companies where the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process is
performance indicators that support the company’s success in the scope of its competition.


Products from Babyhai have spread across several markets in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta as a producer that puts forward maternal and infant health for baby equipment and For the needs of pregnant women, BabyHai goes through several long stages and certifications. Currently Babyhai wants to serve all customers well and become the best product in this country.

To support the product to be the best, Babyhai uses embroidery machines with 6 and 12 eyes, Apart from better quality, it will also save time in the production of babyhai goods.


  • Determine the Scope of Production Planning and Control.
  • Forecasting future Product Demand
  • Determine the Steps of the Production Plan
  • Controlling Production Activities

Our Best Product

Actually there are more than 50 products from Babyhai, here are some of the best products and the most enthusiasts

Harvey Sofa Chair made with soft cotton cloth and dacron best

Stroller mat 2 products made of cloth CVC cotton, with smooth dacron and Waterproof Fabric

Baby Rompers

Suit consisting of: Baby Jumper, baby skullcaps and Baby Rompers

There are 3 kinds of clothes suits: Basic, Harvey, and Newborn

Offline Store

You can find us at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, AEON Mall BSD, AEON Mall Sentul City and Central Grand Indonesia

What we do?

In creating Babyhai product think before and after creation the product goes through several stages and selection
  • Choosing the best quality fabric
  • Create a structured pattern using a computer system
  • Experienced and professional tailors
  • Registering SNI and K3L products

Why Choose Us?

Manufacturing companies must apply the process of working on an item to be more effective. A good system in a manufacturing company is the application of a lean manufacturing system. The application of this system will increase worker productivity, have efficiency values, and excel in company operations.
  • Focus on Quality Improvement
  • Planning and Execution
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Decision Making Ability
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