Nursing Pillow

Length 58 cm x Width 55 cm
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A multifunctional breastfeeding pillow that can be used as a seat for a baby at the age of 6 months and above & a crawling / playing mat for a baby at the age of 9 months and above. The inner pillow material is synthetic silicone Dacron and the outer pillow is cotton. The pillowcase is removable so it can be washed. Helping mothers to provide the best breastfeeding position for the baby. Support the mother's body so that the mother does not feel sore when breastfeeding. Provides a comfortable base for baby while breastfeeding. Can be used in the car while traveling, mothers and babies can still feel comfortable even when they are traveling.

Beneficial :

  • Smart mom choice

  • Made of quality materials

  • Easy and convenient to use

  • Complete with cute motifs